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Home is Where the Magic Is

1. The SAM Convention in New Orleans: A Journey of Magic and Inspiration

I had the pleasure of attending the Society of American Magicians (SAM) Convention July 23rd-26th in the vibrant city of New Orleans. Surrounded by fellow magicians, enthusiasts, and a lively atmosphere, the convention was a hub of creativity and shared passion. Workshops, lectures, and dazzling performances filled our days as we absorbed new techniques and forged lasting connections within the magic community. From close-up magic to grand illusions, the convention was a treasure trove of inspiration that has invigorated our own performances. My personal favorite was seeing Magic Legend Tina Lenart and friends featuring Ardan James, Mike Caveney, Jorge Blass and Christopher Hart and getting to see the amazing local talents of Doug Conn, Trixie Minx, Maime Dame, Joe Kennedy and of course the incomparable Michael Dardant (who seems to effortlessly embody Cajun Charm).

As soon as my feet touched down at the Philadelphia Airport, I drove my already show-packed Subaru up to Waterbury Connecticut for Waterbury Harry Potter Day.

2. Waterbury Harry Potter Day and Oswego Harborfest

In the heart of Waterbury, a magical event took shape, drawing wizards, witches, and muggles alike to partake in the whimsical festivities. The annual Waterbury Harry Potter Day is a celebration that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, paying homage to the beloved wizarding world created by J.K. Rowling.

As performers, we were not just entertainers; we were ambassadors of magic itself.

Amidst the spellbinding decorations, wizarding duels, and delightful Butterbeer, our magic seamlessly blended into the enchanting atmosphere. The gasps, laughter, and wide-eyed wonder of the audience were the truest testament to the power of magic, transcending age and background to create a shared experience of awe. I was honored that Cyril The Sorceror ( CJ May ) asked me to be a part of this event along with Magicians Michael OJ, Joe Cabral and Nappy's Puppets! I didn't get to see any of them sadly, as immediately after the show I put #HaveBubblesWillTravel to the test and drove up to Oswego!

At Harborfest I found myself by the glistening waters of Lake Ontario, ready to cast a different kind of spell at Oswego Harborfest. This annual celebration is a maritime extravaganza that brings together music, food, and entertainment against the backdrop of the serene harbor that ends in sparkling displays of fireworks.

Our magic was intimate and shared by only a few as a strong storm blew in and hampered our bubble show.

But it was so wonderful to geek out on bubbles with my favorite bubbleologist Thomas Altman and his wife Rosemary. Each time I visit them, it feels like coming home.

2. Abbott's Magic Get Together in Colon, Michigan:

Where Magic History Comes Alive

Photo by John Gilmore

Our magical adventure continued with a pilgrimage with my two boys to the quaint town of Colon, Michigan, for the Abbott's Magic Get Together. Steeped in history and tradition, this event celebrates the art of magic in all its forms. From vintage performances that harken back to the golden age of magic to modern innovations that push the boundaries of the craft, we were immersed in a world where the past and present seamlessly intertwine. Workshops and late-night sessions with fellow magicians under the starlit skies of Colon made this gathering truly unforgettable.

I was delighted to share the stage with some of my heroes and big legends in Magic. I was a little star struck to be honest! My two boys kept me on my toes and humble as I beamed with pride backstage with Lance Burton, Mac King, Guy Hollingworth, Pat Hazell and Mike Caveney. Yianni even got to go onstage to help Mac King with the goldfish trick. ( Though with his penchant for eating pets, Yianni was sad Mac didn't bring Colonol Sanders the guinea pig)

Photo by John Gilmore

The Dealer's room also didn't dissapoint. The boys both bought some magic (and later Master Magician Lance Burton gave them magic kits!) And I got to spend some time chatting with John Reid, who is a brilliant mind to pick!

Abbotts felt like coming home, since Colon is only and hour and half from where I grew up in Kendallville, Indiana. Other magicians told me I'd have culture shock (and oh how I laughed!). I immensely enjoyed Amish dinner with Rosie and her lovely family courtesy of Gay Blackstone and Harriet Jacobson (who sells the most beautiful magic jewelry!)

3. Magic on the Farm with Lance Burton

One of the highlights of this month was the incredible opportunity to work along side the legendary Lance Burton. His artistry, charisma, and unparalleled skill created an electrifying atmosphere that left both the audience and us spellbound.

This was a performance that will be etched in our memories forever. Keith West, Jonathan La Chance, Todd Charles all performed amazing magic that

rounded out the night in spectacular wonder. My Show was held in the loft where we were able to play with dynamic lighting that created one of the most beautiful and intimate shows I've ever performed. The audience even gave me a standing ovation. They came ready to enjoy good magic and we delivered!

The Earl Farm Foundation raised $50,000 through this event!

I am so proud to have been a part of it. They provide beef to families in need and are true Smile-Makers! Read more about the event and how you can still get a limited edition print of the art Poster by S Pominville, signed by Lance Burton! Click Here

4. Family Time : Home is Where the Heart Is

Finally we got to recharge with my twin sister in Ligonier, Indiana - where Pyro's Palace (for all your pyrotechnic needs) sponsored my bubble magic show for the Ligonier public library. It was a spectacular show, we had 135 people and standing room only!

Photo by Deidre Hagerman

Me and the boys spent lots of time in the fresh countryside and we even went canoeing at my favorite spot, Chain-O-Lakes. We went through 4 lakes before being thwarted by a very well built beaver dam. Maybe next time we'll make it to all 7.

I also got the chance to put my sister's talents with mine as we did a really fun photoshoot in her home studio. I can't wait to share all the photos!

For 3 weeks, I truly got to discover that Home is where the heart is - and my heart belongs to magic.

Thank you for joining me on this magical journey! Stay tuned for more updates, surprises, and enchanting performances. Until next month, keep the magic alive in your hearts.

Magically yours,

Meadow Perry

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