The SAM Ring 17 Centennial show featuring Lyn Dillies, Jimmy C, Rob Hale, Meadow Perry and George Saterial

sparta ren faire.jpg

The sorceress of soap bubbles can be found at the Sacajawea Camp Grounds in Sparta, NJ for the very magical Sparta New Jersey Renaissance Faire. 


Fright Nights:
The Glow Bubble Show

Find scary frights and bubbly sights! The Historic Village of Allaire hosts Meadow Perry's Glow Bubble Show as a part of their Fright Nights Series. 


Come to Baltimore and learn from the best theatrical magicians in the world! This year we are proud to announce our keynote speaker – Jeff McBride!


The sorceress of soap bubbles can be found at the Greenmount Station Dinner Show. 

Hampstead, MD


Magicians Alliance of the Eastern States. Magic Convention in Cherry Hill, NJ


It is the fall and a cool breeze is in the air. The Lord and Lady of Ravenwood invite all to share in a time of celebration as we welcome the new season. Artisans and craftsman have brought their finest wares for your consideration. Only the finest food and drink will do for this festival of love and beauty and in that they are well ready with mead and more! Join us as we take a step back in time! Huzzah!!