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VANISH: Bursting Magic's Bubble

April 2024 Issue

Edition # 117

Meadow Perry BC Vanish20117 copy.jpg

    Feature  Story by Connie Boyd

In the latest issue of VANISH magazine, readers are treated to an inspiring feature on Meadow Perry, the captivating bubble magician who has taken the magic world by storm. Through heartfelt interviews and stunning visuals, the article delves into Meadow's remarkable journey, showcasing her unwavering passion for magic and her dedication to both her family and career. As a single mom, Meadow has faced numerous challenges, but her determination and resilience have propelled her to success in the performing arts. From enchanting audiences with her mesmerizing bubble displays to balancing the demands of parenthood, Meadow's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and following one's dreams. This article is a must-read for anyone seeking inspiration and insight into the life of a modern-day magician who defies the odds with grace and flair.


     Story by Jeppe W

     An Instagram post by Meadow Perry, a renowned magician and bubble artist, has recently gone viral, capturing the attention of thousands.

     Known for her internationally acclaimed show "Bubble Magic," Perry has a reputation for mesmerizing audiences with her unique and delicate art form.

     Her recent performance, however, gained particular attention not just for its usual enchantment but for an unexpected onstage failure that Perry turned into a triumph. As she puts it, "The nature of bubbles is that they're always just a little unpredictable and no two shows are ever the same."


Episode S3E30 (Meadow Perry)

"In this episode we talk to Bubble Artist & Magician Meadow Perry. We cover all kinds of topics from bubble formula to her amazing viral TikTok account to performing at magic conventions. We even talked about her upcoming tv debut on Master's of Illusion. "

Click Here


Episode S1E07 

Monthly Official IBM TalkShow

" My guests are Montreal's Master of Memorization, Michel Huot ( and the bubbly personality and effects of the Beautiful Bubble Magician, Meadow Perry ( "

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In this episode, Scott Wells interviews a myriad of magicians at Poe's Bizarre Magic Conference in August 2022. Here interviews from Vince Wilson, Jeff McBride, Vlad, and others. Click Here


Episode 092 - When Facebook Goes Wrong with Meadow Perry

"Ever post something important on Facebook that just shouldn’t be controversial but it instead sparks a giant discussion? Haven’t we all? Join Meadow in discussing her experience with just this and how she handled it."

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