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Dreamy Power: My Top 5 Bubble Magic Moments of 2023 and Aiming Higher for 2024

2023 was an enchanting year for me as a magician. Each performance was not just a show, but a step in fulfilling my dreams. From the prestigious stages to heartwarming ovations, these top 5 experiences have been nothing short of magical.

Magical Moments of 2023

1. The Enchantment of The Magic Castle

Performing at The Magic Castle was like stepping into a dream. The castle, a sanctuary for magicians, embraced my bubble artistry and magic, allowing me to connect with an audience that deeply appreciates the art of magic. The historic walls echoed with applause, reaffirming my passion for bubble magic. It was a dream to have magic heavy weights like Gay Blackstone come see my show in support. She has been so intregral to my success and I am so thankful. I of course could not have done it without the amazing crew at the Magic Castle and my two Co-Stars Michael Dardant and Oscar Munoz. They made it a breeze and made me feel so comfortable so I could focus on putting on a good show!

2. A Spellbinding Experience on Masters of Illusion

Appearing on Masters of Illusion was a surreal moment. Sharing the stage with some of the world’s most talented magicians, my performance was not just about showcasing skills but also about telling a story - a story where bubbles became the medium of wonder. Having my performance debut at the exact same time I was on stage at the Magic Castle is probably a high I will always chase.

3. Standing Ovation at Lance Burton's Magic on The Farm

At Lance Burton's Magic on The Farm, I experienced a moment of pure joy. The standing ovation I received was not just for the performance, but for the connection I made with the audience. It was a reminder that magic truly lies in the hearts of the beholder. I had my boys with me and even though it was a rainy day in a barn turned theater, the honored guests truly enjoyed the show. Getting a standing ovation from guests who had no idea who I was besides the very nice words Lance Burton said about me was made extra special by my boys witnessing it. I am so glad Tim Wise made me a part of this event!

4. Captivating Hearts at The Abbots Magic Get Together

The Abbots Magic Get Together was an event where every performance was a celebration of magic's diversity. My bubble act was part of the Vegas Stars night and added a unique flavor to the event, captivating both young hearts and the young at heart. Sharing the bill with Magic Legends Mac King, Lance Burton, Mike Caveney, Guy Hollinworth and Pat Hazell was truly an honor.

5. A Magical Evening at Magic Above Standard in Philadelphia

Performing in Philadelphia at Magic Above Standard was a heartfelt and cherished moment. The familiar faces in the audience and the city’s vibrant energy fueled a performance that was both intimate and spectacular. I performed here a few times in 2023 and each time was a little different but extra special. The real magic touch are the artistic posters that producer Lindsey Noel creates for each unique show.

Lofty Goals for 2024

As I look towards 2024, my dreams soar even higher. I aim to:

1. Appear on a Netflix Show: Bringing bubble magic to the global stage of Netflix. This is already in the works but of course- I can't talk about it yet!

2. Perform on Penn and Teller's Fool Us: To not just perform, but also surprise and delight the legendary Penn and Teller.

3. Showcase on America's Got Talent (AGT): To share my passion on one of the biggest platforms for diverse talents.

4. Enchant at The Chicago Magic Lounge: To blend the charm of Chicago with the allure of bubble magic. The CML is one of my favorite spaces to visit, the stage and venue are captivating.

5. Make a Magical Appearance on Jimmy Fallon: Envisioning a night of laughter and wonder on a show known for its vibrancy. After all, it's a quick drive to NYC! I am inspired by my friends Ridiculous Nicholas and Mario the Maker Magician.

If you can help me on my journey to achieve any of these dreams, lets chat! I would be forever grateful for any help to turn these things into a reality.

Embracing Dreamy Power

Dreamy Power is more than a concept; it’s the driving force behind my journey. It's about believing in the seemingly impossible and turning it into reality. I encourage everyone to chase their dreams with these five steps to manifest your 2024 goals:

1. Visualize Your Success

Imagine yourself achieving your goals. Feel the emotions, see the colors, and embrace the moment.

2. Create a Vision Board

Put your dreams on a board. Pictures, words, or anything that symbolizes your goals. Let it be a daily reminder of where you’re heading. This is one of my personal favorites, I do it every year!

3. Set Clear, Achievable Goals

Break down your dreams into smaller, manageable goals. Step by step, you’ll get closer to the big picture.

4. Believe in Yourself

The path to dreams is often riddled with doubts. Trust your abilities and remember that every great achievement starts with the belief in oneself.

5. Take Action

Dreams become reality through action. Take small steps every day towards your goals. Remember, persistence is key. Do a 30 minute focus time and set a timer. I like to do a morning focus and an evening focus. You'd be surprised what you can get doone in 30mins!

As we stand on the threshold of 2024, let's embrace our Dreamy Power. Let our dreams be our guide, and our actions the wind beneath our wings. Here's to a year of magic, achievements, and turning dreams into reality! 🌟✨

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