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Recipe for Big Bubble Fun

Scroll down for an easy recipe for making big bubbles at home!

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Please note this is not the recipe I regularly use. I use a few different recipes depending on how I want the bubbles to behave and what enviroment I am in.

The ingredients I use are harder to find and the procedure for mixing is a little more complicated.  This recipe is easy to mix and the ingredients easy to find.

If you are interested in learning more as a bubble artist, please visit Bubble U where I teach a master class for Bubble Artists. Find Bubble U here


Simple Recipe Ingredients:

14 oz.bottle of Ultra-Dawn
1 tube of "personal lubricant"
1 gallon of Distilled Water (if you have a way of heating the water, it is better. Hot, not boiling.)

In an empty gallon jug, add a little water, all the Dawn and personal lubricant and swirl it
around for 1 minute without making foam. Fill the jug the rest of the way with water, gently swirl. Let it rest for a day.

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DSC04158A3web (1).png

How to make your own big bubble wand:

Use two dowel rods and thick cotton rope.

Some bubble enthusiasts unravel absorbant

mopheads for this, or you can crochet or braid

cotton yard. You'll want to create a Triangle

shape with the rope.

First tie a piece of rope that is two arms lengths

at the top of one dowel and tie the other side to

the top of the other dowel. Then you will cut the

other length of rope to be one and half of the length

of the other rope. tie it directly onto the first rope at

either end, so it creates a loop. (if you were to pull

down on it directly in the middle, it would create a

Triangle - this is were the wand gets it's name as the "Tri-string Wand" 

(Video coming on this soon!)

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