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Meadow Perry's Big Bubble Mix

Congratulations! You're well on your way to making beautiful and amazing BIG bubbles! You'll find the Instructions for

Meadow Perry's Big Bubble Mix Below!


Meadow Perry's BIG Bubble Powder Mix Instructions


What you'll need:

-A Liquid Measuring Cup

-A teaspoon or gram scale

-A bucket or large bowl

-A jug of container with a screw lid

-A large spoon to mix (optional)



-2 Cups Very hot (but not boiling water)

-2 Cups Dawn Pro Pot and Pan Dish Detergent

-2.5 tsp of Meadow Perry’s BIG Bubble Powder Mix

      ( -or- 11 grams of Meadow Perry’s BIG Bubble Powder Mix)



-Pour bubble mix powder packet contents into jug. 

-Pour in about 1.5 cups of very hot water. 

-Screw on cap. 

-Shake a few times, unscrew cap to relieve pressure. 

-Screw cap back on and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. 

-Pour gooey contents into bucket. 

-Pour remainder of hot water into jug, shake and swirl to get the rest of the gooey residue out, pour into bucket.

-Add two cups of Dawn Pro Pot and Pan. (You may sub Dawn Ultra)

-Mix with large spoon (or use your hands)


-let it sit out in an open container over night (at least 8 hrs)

-Mix with spoon or hands to get residue mixed back in. 

-Concentrate can then be placed inside a jug or mixed directly to make a batch of bubbles.

-White residue will settle at the bottom, that is ok. You can rock the mixture (don’t shake!) back and forth to gently mix it back in.

This makes 4 cups of CONCENTRATE. 

Mix 2 cups of concentrate per 1 gallon of water. 

TIPS: -Avoid debris (leaves, grass, sticks, bugs) from getting into your batch of bubbles if you will be storing it more than 24 hours. Organic material will encourage yeast to grow in your Bubble batch. -Avoid extreme temps!     -Avoid Air Pollutants from getting into your bubble batch.  -Bubble batches and concentrate will be good for 2-3 weeks before they start to lose their effectiveness.   -These are very heavy bubbles and not ideal for bubble sculpting. 

-If you have hard water, you may need to use distilled from the store.


Happy Bubbling! - Meadow Perry

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