Keep your Event on theme when you hire Bubble Magician Meadow Perry by using the POP on Over Invitation Printables!


EDIT YOURSELF!! In a hurry? Want to edit your invitation at home? No problem! Edit your invitations with Microsoft Word right after purchasing. Mac users can convert .docx files to Apple Pages. You will receive an email with a link to access your template. Then you edit, save and download directly to your device. It's quick and easy! You can also try out the invitation before buying by using the demo link below! Invitation is 5"x7".

••••Note: This file is not compatible on mobile devices••••

Copy and paste the link into your web browser to try the demo:

»»»»You may need to select *Enable Editing* in Word.

✔ Includes letter sized printable with double 5"x7" Invitations
✔ Change font size, style and color
✔ ALL text can be edited however the heading "Pop on over for a Celebration" cannot.
✔ You can add extra text boxes
✔ You can save as a JPG or PDF. 
✔ You can edit on a computer or mobile device (Mobile editing is limited to replacing text. Changing text size or color must be done on a laptop/desktop computer)
✘ Crop marks cannot be removed.

✘ Background cannot be edited.

••••••••• HOW IT WORKS •••••••••
▶ Add the listing to your cart and purchase
▶ After purchasing, you will receive an email with a link to access and download your item. 
▶ Personalize your items
▶ Save, download and print!

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»»»»You may need to select *Enable Editing* in Word.
The printed color result may vary depending on your printer and the setting. Please set your printer on the photo quality or best quality in your printer properties settings. Seller is not responsible for color variation issues. It's always smart to print a sample before printing a full set of printables.


To save on ink, you may want to contact your local Print Shop such as Staples. 

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POP on Over Invitation